About me

I'm Anirudh Parthasarathy, a twenty something Chartered Accountant and Finance professional currently living in Paris, France. 'Andrew Anderson' (Andy) is the pen name I adopted for my novels which were never completed, nevertheless, it became my internet identity.

Unlike most reviewers, I'm not a very avid reader myself, just an enthusiastic one and in fact, writing stories became a hobby of mine even before reading and the main reason behind my indifference towards the popular hobby was because of my pace; less than a page per minute. I couldn't do much about my pace, to this date but a certain book, Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code, changed my attitude towards reading and made me realise that my pace could be compensated with my involvement, so long as the story is good.

My dream still remains the same; that I should release at least on novel, some day but for that, I have to gain exposure, start analysing how the various authors have come up with the story and after a considerable time, I might probably develop a style of my own and eventually complete and release my own book but I thought that it shall not be appropriate if I go into a hiatus as a writer and hence, in order to not lose the habit, I started reviewing the books that I had read.

That is all I've got to say, regarding books and for other things, I think the very first sentence nearly sums things up with the term, 'customary'. Reading is one of my hobbies, among others and those include quiz, politics, debate, economics, sports (cricket, football and tennis).

I hope you enjoy going through my blog.

Have a nice day,

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