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Borgen: Season 2 by Adam Price – Review

This is the review of the second season of the Danish political drama, Borgen by Adam Price. Although I feel that there wasn't much continuity in the episodes of the first season of Borgen, I'd still recommend you to not watch the second season unless you've watched the first. The review of the first season is available here.

The first episode of season 2 is eleven months after the end of season, which means Birgitte Nyborg has nearly completed 2 years of her term. A lot of changes have taken place. Kasper gets into a new relationship and Katrine, after quitting TV1, is now working under Michael Laugesen for The Express. Birgitte Nyborg is separated from Philip but the couple haven't gone through the divorce procedure yet.

The first thing I liked about season two was the continuity, it isn't the easy to pick a random episode and watch, unlike season 1. Season 2, was more within the government – problems within a parties putting the entire coalition into turmoil and also, covered some larger issues / events, such as the Somali pirate issue (which unfortunately was only in the background). My personal favourite, however, was the two episodes focusing on the problem in Kharun (a fictional African state, similar to Sudan) with Denmark presiding over the negotiations between the North Kharun and South Kharun. Another positive thing about season two is the fact that Birgitte was actually put under a lot of pressure in her job, forcing her to take some decisions going against the policy of her party. In season two, Birgitte has completed her transformation as an absolutely callous politician (but for her stance on Afghanistan). The second episode, on appointment of an EU representative, could've been done better, the choice being good, its narration wasn't good enough.

Moreover, season 2 ended on a high note, making me eager to watch the third season but I wasn't so desperate for the second season after I was done with the first. Considering the depth of the series and its abstract theme, it is not possible to do an elaborate review without giving away some unintended spoilers (not that Borgen is a thriller) and I'd conclude season two's review here. In my opinion, season 2 was better than season 1 on nearly all aspects and hence, I'd give it a higher rating than season 1.

Rating – 8/10

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