Tuesday, 14 February 2017

American History in 50 Events by Hourly History - Book Review

This is a book by hourly history covering the history of the United States with a short summary of fifty major events.

This book starts with the Viking discovery of the North American lands and then, directly shifts to the European settlers arriving during the late 17th and 18th Centuries. From thereon, the book covers every major event, such as the war of independence, the election of the first President, moving on to the expansion of US; the eventual Civil War and then the modern era where the United States emerged as a superpower.

I felt the selection of the 50 events were good; that it covered most of the major events, and to my knowledge, I am not able to recall any very significant misses. The book was also very concise in bringing out the historical details as it covered how the government and systems were first established, how the territory expanded, the wars that the US fought and the origins of two of the major corporates in US; being Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company and Andrew Carnegie's Steel Company. The book could be very useful for young Americans who wish to know about their country in an hour and as an addendum to that statement, this book does satisfy the objective of narrating history of the United States in under an hour.

However, what I felt was that while it dedicated segments to corporates, there could have been at least a small segment on the sporting achievements such as hosting of the Olympics in Los Angeles and Atlanta and also; while events were dedicated to the two early corporates, the Silicon Valley boom could have also been touched upon in the last segment of the book.

This is an excellent, short and concise read on American history and would be useful for anyone who wish to know the background of the country they keep hearing about all the time.

I would award the book a rating of seven.

Rating - 7/10

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