Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Happy birthday!

Dear Reader,

Six years ago, I posted a book review of Ian Rankin’s Knots and Crosses and back then, I never expected this habit of mine to last this long. The original intention was to retain the habit of writing so that someday, I can release a book of my own; while that ambition still exists, I am no longer scared of losing the habit of writing but then, I find reviewing an effective way of remembering the books that I have read and also, the added incentive is that you get to know a lot of new people from around the world, mainly authors.

I wrote a similar post when my blog reachedthree years and thus, I shall not repeat many of those points but I would just focus on what I have managed to achieve among the targets that I set myself three years ago and what I haven’t and in case I haven’t achieved, I need to plan on achieving those rather than setting fresh objectives with little hopes of achieving the same.

Objective: Change in design
Status: No change

There has been absolutely no change in the design; rather, I would say it is status quo ante bellum as I tried to make changes, only for it to come back to the same shape in no time. I have no clear plan on how I am going to go about it this time around, maybe, I can hire someone to make it better and I shall do it before the next time I write such a post.

Objective: Increase in popularity of book reviews
Status: No change and not bothered to change it.

I pointed out a concern that my reviews of TV drama shows fetched lot more views than all my book reviews combined. However, my objective is to post reviews of books I read and I am not bothered about the popularity that they get or the readers that they fetch, I primarily do this for my own satisfaction. If people prefer reading my reviews of TV drama, I am happy, and that wouldn’t change my focus and I shall continue to keep writing book reviews.

Objective: Increase in diversity of genre
Status: Achieved

Three years ago, there was a heavy concentration on the genre, Mystery, Crime and Thriller at nearly 50% of the total number of reviews and today, its share has come down to 21% and I have 19 different categories to measure this and no genre other than the aforementioned one has a share of over 15%. To that extent, I am satisfied to the extent of which I have achieved diversity though; I shall not stop working towards increasing it further.

Objective: Writing my own book
Status: In progress

I have an idea and I hope before the next time I make such a post, I make a decent script before finalising it and trying my luck at getting it published. This time I am more determined than the other occasions that I have tried.

I have had a pleasure writing all these posts over these six years, I shall continue doing so for a long time to come and I thank each of my readers for this continuing patronage and support for the content that I am writing.

Have a nice day,

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